Clogging the Memory Hole

Welcome, friends and internauts.

I expect this will evolve over time into the usual blog with commentary on issues and items I care about.

For now I intend it to serve as a mirror page for my work appearing elsewhere and as a defiant archive of previously published work that has since disappeared from the outer reaches of inner space.

This is a hedge against the Internet’s frightening ability to forget utterly items that are no longer publicly useful or necessary.  The Wayback Machine and other attempts to preserve the Web’s millions of terabytes of data obscure the historical fact that hardware has a poor record of preserving information.

As long I have something to say and particularly if it can’t be accessed online or in your library, I’ll locate them here.  That may not keep it alive for the next generation or the next millennium, the way paper does.  But maybe it won’t disappear yesterday.